Sunday Sweets: 10 Fortnite Cakes You Will Crave FORTNIGHTLY

If you're into video games - or have kids who are - then odds are you know about Fortnite. Personally I've been resisting its siren-like call for some time now, but once I spotted that rainbow llama stick at Spirit Halloween last year, I knew I was a goner.

The llama stick looked like this, btw:

(By Cakes Step By Step, hit the link for the video tutorial)

Except this one is CAKE. (Eeee!) Still, you can see why I was intrigued; this is possibly the greatest video game accessory/weapon of all time.


I haven't actually played Fortnite myself yet, but I have friends who do (yes, ADULT friends, don't look at us like that) and I am ready. for. this.

But first, here come more cakes you will crave... FORTNIGHTLY.

(By How To Cook That - and you can watch her video tutorial here!)

Ohh, smoking treasure chest! Those are gingerbread planks covering a cake base, and I love the big cartoony proportions, so fun.


This hand-painted beauty practically glows:

(By Daruj Tortu, Slovakia)

And dig that perfect sugar chain at the bottom edge.


There are drop boxes of supplies in the game lowered by balloon, which are perfect for cake-ifying:

(By Vivienne Jeal of Pembury, Kent)

That cell-shading is SO GOOD. And a square cake is almost doable by us mere mortals!


The Battle Bus, med kits, a llama pinata - you know, the usual:

(By Cakes By Becca Greenville)

::grabs llama pinata and runs::


If you're not into the llama thing so much, there's also this option:

(By Chace's Cakes & Catering, Florida)

Which brings a whole new, spectacular meaning to "bite the bullet." Mmmm. Don't mind if I do.


If there's one thing I know about Fortnite, it's that it doesn't matter who wins or loses. What matters is how cool your outfit is:

(By Mis Cosa Preciosas, Spain)

Dibs on Care Bear guy.


(By Mis Cosa Preciosas, Spain)

I will also accept Tomato Head.


Ohh, this one dropped my jaw right down to the keyboard:

(By Cookie Vonster, Canada)

Those details are all hand-piped on cookies, and WOW.

Hang on, you've gotta see this closer:

Awe. Struck. That's me.


And finally, let's get back to my favorite part: the llama.



But wait, there's more! This llama pinata really DOES have candy inside!

(By Sugar High Score, hit that link for free templates *and* the video tutorial!)

AAAAAAA!! Ok, I don't care that I haven't played yet and have zero context for this; I'm still gonna need this cake. :D


And one final bonus goodie: I never ever do this, but as I was writing today's post two of my friends debuted their new t-shirt design, and it's too perfect to not share:

Yaaaas. Not sponsored or anything, and in fact they have no idea I'm doing this, which makes it more fun. Anyway, you can grab one - and support two awesome artists - right here.


Happy Sunday!


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