Sunday Sweets: COOKIES!!

We all love cake best here, of course, but have you noticed how cookies have started going 3D?

(By Modesta's Rainbow, Russia)

It's a whole 'nother dimension of sugary goodness!! And I approve.


Besides, who could resist a pastel rainbow of stand mixers?

(By 1 Fine Cookie, video tutorial at the link)

I want to fill those little cookie mixing bowls with sweet cream, then eat one whole with one big CHOMP.


Speaking of chomping: Beware, for here there be dragons:

Cookie dragons!

(By Lucky Penny Cookies, no longer in business)

This reminds me of a laser-cut wood puzzle - and that piping work is phenomenal.


You already know how I feel about the dreaded cupcake cake (ptooie!), but cookies? COOKIES TOTALLY WORK:

(By Rocking Horse Sugar Decor, Idaho)

See? Gorgeous and fun and no sticky icing all over your hands. I'm especially loving this design and colors; it's just so HAPPY, and each cookie is a pretty piece all on its own.


You're not going to believe this, but these baby rattles are actual rattles:

(By Julia M. Usher, video tutorial here.)

They're made of cookies, and filled with candy! So you could use them as gender-reveal cookies.

Seriously, my mind? Blown. Just look at all that piping detail!


Next we've got a starry pastel dreamland that has my inner 8-year-old squealing:

(By Sugar Cat, Taiwan)

Eeee! SO CUTE.


Here's one for confused cake lovers:

(By Zoe Clark Cakes, Australia)

Cookies that look like mini cakes! D'awwwww.


Confession Time: I find this frog cookie absolutely ribbeting:

(By Sweetopia, tutorial at the link)

Those sugar gem water droplets are so clever, love that extra sparkle.


Here comes another cookie... mosaic? Cookie puzzle?

(By Melissa Joy Fanciful Cookies, Wisconsin)

Whatever you call it, I'm digging the puzzle-piece effect, and how you can stack them to make a pretty centerpiece.


And finally, the sweetest little fairy houses:

(By De Koekenbakkers, The Netherlands)

I couldn't eat this; I'd want to wear it on my sweater like a fancy fairy pin. Or I'd put it on my desk so I could stare at it all day. Mmmmm.

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope these made you smile!


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