Brain Freeze

They tell me it's actually cold in places that aren't Florida right now, which I guess explains this?

It's like giant fingers sprinkling dandruff. Ahhh, the magic of winter. (Underlined.)


Now, that design would be strange enough as a one time deal, but guess what.

There's more. And they're hungry.


The best part of this head-scratcher, though - besides the tentacles - is that even the bakers don't know what they're making.

"And if you turn it THIS way, it will show you your dreams."


"... assuming your dreams include a steaming log."


::jazz hands:: WINTER!!


Thanks to Christina, S.K., & BJ for letting me sneak in a Jareth quote there. 10 sock-stuffed geek points if you caught it. ::WINKITY WINK::


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