This Is Gonna Be GOOD: Happy Cake "Decorating" Day!

It's National Cake Decorating Day, bakers, so let's go over those basics again!


Remember, it all starts with a good foundation:


...and a smooth, even application of icing.



When it comes time to decorate, no need to get fancy!
Just stick with something simple, like a butterfly.


Or, uh, maybe something easier, like flowers.




Or... I dunno... balloons? Yeah. You can't screw up balloons.


Never mind.


And lastly, let's talk penmanship.


Just skip that for now. And always.


Tell you what, bakers, just cover the whole thing with an edible image, ok? PROBLEM SOLVED.


Step 1: Forcefully connect head to desk

Step 2: Repeat


Thanks to Trasi K., Danika G., Heather E., Stephanie B., Kate H., Shannon S., & Andy W. for helping me test the structural integrity of my keyboard. With my face. Again.


P.S. I just learned that this is an actual cake topper kit you can buy and I have so many different emotions right now:

Drunk Doll Cake Topper

Y'all decorate responsibly out there, OK?


And from my other blog, Epbot: