5 Wrecks And A Funeral

On the plus side, it IS the right color:


I'm guessing whoever invented these "football sprinkles" never owned a pet hamster/rabbit/guinea pig/etc:


"Whooo waaants cake?... NO FLUFFY NOOOOO!"


For her class reunion cake Sara had a long group panorama shot, which she'd had to make with three separate photos. It was obvious how the three fit together, though, so Sara was CONFIDENT that nope can't even finish this sentence here just look:

This is a baker who really, really sucks at jigsaw puzzles.

And Sara still doesn't know what that little green square is.


The good news is Sara eventually got the cake she wanted... after going across town to a different bakery:

It CAN be done!


Sometimes bakeries will give you all the plastic flotsam bits separate from the cake, which means you can order this:



...and GET this:


We're gonna need more flotsam, people. STAT.


Lee's father was celebrating 50 years of running a Chevy dealership, so a local customer sent him a cake. Pretty sweet, right?

Except Lee reports the baker delivering said cake skedaddled with "surprising" haste - and you're about to see why:


♫ "Like a wreck. OOOOOO like a wreck!"♪

And just think: that's the FIXED version.

(No, I don't know what "Ally" is. Whatever it is, it belongs to Lee's friend.)

But wait! THERE'S MORE.

The same friend's "at Ally" ALSO sent along a commemorative flower arrangement. Trouble is, I guess they didn't specify what kind of event was being commemorated, so Lee's dad ended up with...


Funeral flowers.

Lee, I think I speak for us all when I say: you should take your dad out for ice cream.


Thanks to Polly S., Brittney W., Sara W., Christina P., & Lee L. for lightening up a grave situation.


On a lighter note, I just found a sun shade that turns any car into a Pixar car and it is the CUTEST:

Car Eyes Sun Shade


And from my other blog, Epbot: