Bakers, as a self-professed expert in the art of romantic puns, I feel confident in stating the following:

If you draw a bee on your Valentine's cake, then you have to write "Bee Mine."


Not this:


Not this:


And definitely not this:

(I'm not sure which is worse: the suspense or the grammar.)


Conversely, if you do write "Bee Mine" on your Valentine's cake, then for Stay Puft's sake, DON'T FORGET THE BEE.

This bee chose NOT to be.


You'll also want to avoid forgetting the bee, misspelling "Be Mine," and generally confusing the heck out of your customers:


Aha, that clears things up. Thanks, John.


Thanks to Julie B., Brittany R., Marin O., Lauren P., & Maria B. for being the best "be mine" bee miners mine eyes have ever bee-held.


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