Sunday Sweets Brings The Llama Drama

You guys, llamas are so hot right now. All that fur? Oh yeah, they're keepin' warm.

(By Alba's Cake Studio in California)


But also, Llamas are SO POPULAR now. Move over, sloths! Not only does llama rhyme with "no drama," they're also (basically) long-necked sheep with bunny ears and giant, boop-able noses:

(By Menina Dociera, Indonesia)

I mean, what's not to love?


Plus all llama's love pastels, which makes them superior to any primary-color-loving animal:

(Found on Re Pretti's Instagram)


Sometimes they're even pastel themselves!

(By Cup 'N Cake, Arizona)

Eeeeee! SO CUTE. (I think her fur is actual cotton candy, y'all. This is amazing.)


Check out these cool cats... who are actually llamas:

(By Kupcakes & Co, Maryland)

Or are they alpacas?

Note to self: Google the difference between llamas and alpacas.
(Or just wait for the commenters to tell you.)


This one is rocking the best blue bouffant:

(By Rossana Avila)

She's so dapper, I love it.


And this one may have the boopiest nose of all:

(By Bumble Bake in New York)

D'awww. And look at those eyelashes!


Here's a sweetie looking lovely in lilac:

(By Natasha Rice Cakes, California, based on the art of Sweet Bestiary)


And, be still my heart, here comes a whole herd!

(By Carlota's Sweets, Florida)

How could you possibly pick a favorite?
(Dibs on the orange bow tie, which is CLEARLY the best one. :D)


And finally, here comes the softest cotton cloud in the sweetest pink bow to make all of us sit and sigh happily:

(By Sugar High, Inc)

Ahhhhh. So sweet.


Happy Sunday, everyone!


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