10 Enchanted Garden Cakes That Are Pure Magic

It's National Gardening Day, my friends, and rather than dwell on how TERRIBLE I am at keeping plants alive, I've decided to look at this in a positive light: I'm really good at killing plants.

Another positive?

I can't kill these!

(Mina Bakalova, Bulgaria)

AND LOOK HOW PRETTY. These colors make me so happy. Ahhh.


Today I decided to branch out (heh) from typical gardening cakes, so I started searching for "Secret Garden" cakes... and wow did that pay off:

(Sihirli Pastane, Turkey)

EEEEE! I actually gasped, it's so magical. And I must - MUST! - know what the soft grass is made of. Because I want to pet it. :)


This one is more like a surprise garden:

(Julia Kedyarova, Moscow)

One of the best flower slice cakes I've seen. I especially love the butterflies!


More secret garden vibes:

(By Freehill, Original Design by Karen Portoleo)

That trompe l'oeil painting is so convincing; I though the cake was actually carved out behind her!


Are enchanted gardens a thing? Because I think this qualifies:

(Sweet Symphony, India)

The floating hummingbird! SWOON. Plus I've been staring for a while now, and I *still* can't quite tell which of the top tier flowers are painted and which are 3D.


You know what else is incredible? A wearable enchanted garden, which should totally be a thing;

(Cake Buro, Russia)

Look at the detail in her hair wisps(!!), and the teeny tiny butterflies at the bottom. So much to love here.


Of course I have to include a little Wonderland mushroom garden, right?

(Elena Gnut Cakes, Russia)


Elena's painting always blows me away! I love that it's the classic Disney Alice with a Tim Burton feel.


This one reminds me of some sun catchers I had as a kid:

(Vinism Sugar Art, world-traveling teacher)

Anyone remember the sun catchers where you melted plastic beads into a frame? (Do they still make those?) These colors are so bright, it's like those: like there's bright sunlight streaming through.


It took me a second to spot the couple in this romantic renaissance number:

(Baker Unknown, help?)

I like the unexpected pops of orange in all those pastels, so pretty!


And finally, my friends, here's an enchanted garden Sweet guaranteed to leave you hanging:

(La Linia Artful Desserts, Pennsylvania, as featured here)

No words! Just a dropped jaw, BIG EYES, and two grabby hands, ha.


Happy Sunday, my friends! May you find many more Sweet things.


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