10 Crafter's Cakes That Will Totally Fool You

You ever stop to think about how far cake art has come in the last 10 years?


Well, you're about to:

(Bakingist, California)

That's not embroidery thread, it's ICING. All of it!



When I first set out to find crafty cakes for this week I expected the usual sewing baskets and yarn balls, but let me tell you, Sweet friends: Craft cakes have come a loooooong way.

(Lindy's Cakes, UK)

This mosaic tile design looks like actual ceramic! So pretty!


And tell me this doesn't look like a modern stained-glass lamp:

(Maggie Austin Cake, Washington, D.C.)



This cross-stitch cake juuust about broke my brain:

(Ana Salinas, Brazil)

Again, yes, really cake, with icing "thread"!



Would you believe I even found a cake for mixed-media scrapbookers?

(Larissa Ubartas, Germany)

Tell me this doesn't scream Tim Holtz to you. Look at that verdigris!


I always love it when bakers use icing "paint":

(Katarzynka Sztuka Cukrowa, Poland)


And I want to see more fondant quilling, bakers! Like this!

(Cecilia Campana Cake Art, Italy)



Here comes another tile cake, this time with a gorgeous hand-painted design:

(Antonio Ventieri, Italy)

I know we're supposed to be focusing on the tile, but I love all the cheery lemons with it! So sweet with that blue.


And finally, my friends, I found not one, but TWO cakes this week that completely fooled me. I don't say that lightly, either; I consider myself an expert at sussing out what's cake and what's not.


(Magical Edible Art, Canada)

This one totally got me. It it wasn't on a cake board I would have scrolled right on past. As it was, I though someone crocheted a cake & stuck it on a board to be cute.



And while we're all reeling over that, here's an even bigger one that I 100% *refused* to believe was cake until I visited the baker's site:

(American Cake Decorating Magazine, tutorial here)


Frankly, I'm still suspicious, lol. Look at this close-up and tell me you'd ever in a million years think it was made of sugar:

Mind: BLOWN.


Happy Sunday, everyone! Here's hoping it's crafty and happy and Sweet.


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