I Mustache You A Question

It's the follicle sensation that's sweeping the nation: MUSTACHES!

That's right, bakers: Mustaches make everything friendlier and more approachable and not at all creepy!

"Psst. Hey. You.
"You wanna candy cane?"


Not to mention more appetizing!

(Yes, those are supposed to be 'staches. And the bow is plastic. Because of course it is.)


Mustaches are instantly recognizable:


And always make sense!


And sometimes travel in large packs for protection:

We call this "a flock of Sellecks."


So be proud of your mustaches, my friends - even if your baker's "drawing" is a little more literal than you'd like:

Trust me, Nichole M., you're better off this way.


Thanks to Anita H., Kristien B., Rebecca S., Joy W., & Nichole M. for the flavor saver favors.


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