The Far Side Of Cake, Vol 13

The Far Side of Cake, Vol 13


Unfortunately for Carl, some things were NOT lost in translation.



The cruel reality of display case bullying.



The duo would go on to dominate the entertainment world with their act, but sibling rivalry - coupled with a crippling addiction to Visine - would eventually tear them apart.




Finally, a cake that celebrates the ambiguity of emotion brought on by large groups being told to put our hands in the air.

"... now what?"



Joke's on you, Harold.



The beast can remain motionless for hours, unblinking, barely breathing, waiting and watching for the moment its owner puts a business call on speakerphone.


"Meanwhile, this year's fiscal revenue has increased by... Debbie, is someone being murdered in your apartment?!"


Thanks to Wendy F., E.H., Amy, Krystine M., Lynne V., & Kristine M. for the walk on the Far Side.


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