The Far Side of Cake, Vol. 10

By an unfortunate coincidence, little Tyler's cake was a grim reminder of the Great Triple-Flush Funeral of 2013.

In retrospect, Ann realized there probably were better ways to tell Joe they'd be watching 2001: A Space Odyssey that weekend.



He'd specifically said "pear-shaped," but now Tanya was starting to question some of her design choices.

(By the awesomely weird Fondant Fantasies by Tanya)


The three did everything together, working as a seamless unit. Only the most discerning eye could detect where one's talent left off, and the other's began.



Daisy paused, struck by the thought. What if she had gone too far? What if Robert didn't understand? What if all this really was just... lip service?



The boss said Renee should be more specific with her praise - so she was pretty sure he'd approve of his surprise treat in the conference room.


Thanks to Heather D., Crystal B., Bunny W., Ginny V., Beth B., & Jennifer K. for keeping it far out.


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