Sunday Sweets For Lace Week

Hey, it's International Lace Week! Think we can find any Sweets with edible lace on them?


(Sugar Delites, online cake supply shop)

You bet your dainty lace doilies we can! Isn't this green dreamy?

And look how perfect this black and white number is:


(A Cake Occasion, UK)


A lot of modern lace designs are made with molds, but check out this handpiped number with brush embroidery:


(Playful Cupcaketions, Iowa)

I like the soft and delicate look. So sweet.

Or how about a bold gold?


(Nora Brown Cakes, UK)

Oooh, shiny. I like that even the flowers are made of lace!

There's a lot to love on this wedding cake, but the lace-wrapped tier is the standout for me:


(Natasha Rice Cakes, California)

Howwww is it so perfect?

This one reminds me of a bridal veil:

(Happy Day Cake, Azerbaijan)

 Then this one wrapped the lace over an ombre color fade, very cool!


(Frufi Dorti, Czech Republic)

More lacy flowers and intricate detailing:

(Baker unknown)

And now some EXTREME DRAMA:

(Signature Cake By Shweta, India)


Completely crushing on this lace shawl design:


(Cofetaria Dana, Romania)

Those trailing flowers at the bottom are everything - and the tiny white bows!

And finally, one more jaw-dropper dripping in ALL the lacy accents:

(C+M Cake Designers, Puerto Rico)

WOW. No words. Just WOW.

Happy Sunday, everyone! Here's hoping your day is extra Sweet.


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