The Big O Finale

They say she studied her head off for that diploma:


Which is an excellent segue for...

Brains, caps, heads - oh, yeah. It's allll comin' together.


John couldn't stop snort-giggling over this one. I think it has something to do with the hand placement:


Now I want to order a microphone cake (yes, that's supposed to be a microphone), walk into a random stranger's party, say something cryptic, like "That's why Hufflepuffs ALWAYS LOSE THEIR SOCKS", and then drop it. (The cake, not the party.)

Because "Messy Mic Drop Ruins Party" would be an awesome headline.


And finally, I believe this wedding baker was trying for something like this:


But instead....



Pro Tip: If your floral design starts to look like an angry vagina, maaaaybe re-think the Big O topper.


Thanks to Alison A., Chelsea M., Sahana S., & Vanessa, who'd like to point out that could also be a giant zero. (See? These things practically write themselves.)


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