Take Your Poet To Work Day

I was browsing a list of holidays this month and read that today is "Take Your Poet To Work Day."

Now, it's conceivable that "poet" is a typo for "pet"... but I choose to believe otherwise. 

Mostly because I posted all my best dog wrecks on Monday.

So without further ado: 


Take it away.

a stiff upper lip
this is not what we asked for
crown into crayon



There once was a gal from Nantucket 
Who worked here, but then said "Aw, tuck it."
She boarded a bus
And now's


But we've got the cake, so Nan, suck it.


Orders are read
This "Boss" is blue


You wanted green?
Ha! Joke's on you.


Amidst the LEGO Ninja horde we stand
Contemplating the existentialism of existence
Ruminating the ramifications of vulnerability
Do we?
Do we really?


Ode To The Big Black Ding-A-Ling
I Found In My Break Room One Midsummer's Morn:


Goodbye, Tension
Hellooooooooo NURSE


 A million pathways from which to choose
A million ways in which to lose
The people are waiting
All the things they can refuse
Oh, luckless me!
Oh, misery!
I must gamble with one desperate scheme:


If they don't like it, there's always ice cream.

Thanks to Anna B., Alex L., Pamela A., Sarah M., & Candy C. who all know that last cake doesn’t need an exclamation point because it’s more professional that way.


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