Happy Fun Father's Balls

This week it's time to ask ourselves an important question, minions: 

What makes a Happy Dad?

Besides a giant blue ball, I mean. 

(Which seems sort of the opposite... er... NEVER MIND HI KIDS.)

After all, Father's Day is coming, and we need ALL dads to be happy. 

Especially Father's Dads, apparently.

Sure, it's weirdly specific...

...but I guess it's a thing?

Definitely a thing.

Regardless of whose dad it is, though, if bakers have taught us anything, it's that dads love - LOVE - their balls.

Big balls...

Lumpy balls...

Balls between legs...


Balls being trapped by funny hats:


Balls being whacked by floppy bats:


(Hey, that rhymes!)

And best of all, pairs of balls.

Though these could use a little manscaping. 
I mean landscaping.

So this Sunday, minions, just remember: Have a ball. Or two!

Thanks to Ginger P., Scott C., Shayna M., Rebekah F., Hillary W., Cindy K., Jolynn R., LaVon L., Lerin K., & Madeline P. for having the balls to make this post.


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