Sunday Sweets: Dad Jokes For Dad's Day

I have a confession to make, Sweets fans: after spending hours looking at frosted neckties, hammers, more ties, mustaches, and even more ties, I've decided that most Father's Day cakes are pretty boring.

But you know what's NEVER boring?


(Stellar Bakes, Texas)

That's right: DAD JOKES.

And while I couldn't find any great Dad Joke cakes, I found LOTS of fabulous Dad Joke cookies.

So buckle up, my friends, because it's gonna be a punny ride.

(Cake House Design, Missouri)

 These are so cheesy, I love it.

(Clough'D 9 Cookies, Maryland)

Here's a pickle: that shading is so convincing that at first I thought they were real! 
Hey Clough’D, stop gherkin us around.

Bet you never knew a Pop Tart could be this cute:


(A Modern Cookie, Arizona)

A toast to Dad! 
Preferably one that's a crisp golden brown.
(The toast, not the Dad.)

There are so many great golf puns out there, but this one gets a gold star for pulling double duty:


(Cookie Occasions, Texas)

Do you think there's a hole in one?

And would you call these frosted or iced?

(Julias Cookies NYC, New York)

I've also seen similar cookies that say "You're the Bomb, Pop" which is genius.

Remember, these are cookies, so for once you don't have to use the forks:

 (Sift and Stir Bakeshop, Texas)

Look how clever this stacked burger design is:

(Shane's Cookie Corner, Texas)

Sweet enough to make any Patty melt.

Usually I think decorated cookies are too much work to ever try making myself, but these little pizza boxes are calling my name:

(The Pink Mixing Bowl, Texas)

I'll take a pizza that.

See, I think that's the secret: I just need a craft to go with my cookie!

Now, let's all give Dad salsa to taco 'bout:

(The Cookie Kitchen, Texas)

I hope these gave you a giggle and something fun to share with your favorite dads out there, gang. Happy Father's day, happy Sunday, and happy Pun day!


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