I mean, technically, we ARE all gonna die. Not that you'll die today! Unless you do, which would be really unfortunate timing for this post. 

Listen, my point is it's National Pollinator Week, and without our pollinators, we'd all die sooner, which would be a shame because I just started Good Omens.

So let's talk POLLINATORS.

There's the majestic Bee, of course:


"I'm majestic!"

Who apparently never got the memo about horizontal stripes.

Ahh, but did you know birds are also pollinators?!

I mean, not these birds. These birds murder pigs.

(Murder... MOST FOWL.)


Butterflies pollinate, too!


Hot dog.

And  I bet you didn't know this, but bats are also prolific pollinators!

IF you know what I mean.



Thanks to Diessa S., Albert Y., Bridget P., & Bobbie C., for that swing and a miss.


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