Sunday Sweets: The New & Improved Geode Cakes

Remember when geode cakes were all the rage?

And remember the now infamous Vageode debacle that made us all laugh 'til we cried and forever tainted our minds so all we could see in most geode cakes were... well... Vageodes? 

(FUN FACT: That whole kerfuffle actually helped launch the baker's new career as a funny romance novelist, I kid thee not. In fact, Abby's first book releases this week! [I swear this isn't sponsored, just a happy coincidence.] The way Abby handled the internet seeing hoo-haws in her cakes was hysterical, she deserves EVERY success.)

ANY-hoo, needless to say, bakers aren't making geode cakes the same way anymore - and the cake world is that much Sweeter for it:


 (Slate Couture Cakes, Australia)


So gorgeous! Not to mention gravity-defying, dang. 

Check out the overhang on this one:

(Shani's Sweet Creations, California)

I like the bigger crystals, very Fortress of Solitude.

(Nicki B Cakes, Oregon)

Oof. So pretty.


(Elise Cakes, California)

Digging these soft colors and the delicate gold edging.

Then, over on the opposite end of the spectrum:


(Shelby Elizabeth Cakes, Texas)

Bam. ALL the drama! 
(I can't believe those aren't real amethysts. My brain is in denial.)

Not all geode cakes need crystal caverns, though:


(The Cake Life, North Dakota)

This is Sweet enough as-is! (And that heart agate topper! Ah! SO CUTE.)

I like that there’s a whole range here, from clean minimalism:

(Confections of a Cakeaholic, New Zealand)

... to over the top detail and decadence:

(Hive Bakery, Texas)

Also bees!
Funky cool, right?

Here comes another agate topper:


(Luma's Cake, Paris, France)

I love it paired with all those ruffles. Mmm.

And finally, one last gem in the prettiest cobalt blue:


(Hive Bakery, Texas)

No two ways about it, Sweets fans: these rock.


Happy Sunday! I hope these made you smile!


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