Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na SPIDER-BAT!!!

Graduation cakes are still comin' in hot and wrecky, as evidenced by this Facebook sub from Maggie:

So. Many. Facepalms.

Plus, note all the extra enthusiasm that ending period conveys. I mean, really, CONTAIN YOURSELF, BAKER.


Here's a baker who CAN write "congratulations," but has trouble when asked to add a "grad hat" for decoration:

Spelling: B -

Reading Comprehension: Ermmm.... What?


Here's one that *I* cannot comprehend:



It's really the best kind of luck:



And finally, Rebecca M. ordered this pretty ombré design for her friend's birthday:



Her friend is visually impaired, so Rebecca asked the baker to be sure to write "Happy Birthday" on top in the darkest shade of pink. Otherwise, she explained, her friend might have trouble seeing it.

This is what she got:


I'd like to take back all my facepalms from before, please, and re-apply them here. Times a million.


Thanks to Maggie V., Dani S., Andrew, Leah P., & Rebecca M., who assures me there's writing on that thing, but darned if I can see it.


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