Kelly asked her baker to put just this T-shirt design on her cake:


I'd like to point out the shirt even says "NAILED IT!"

Talk about the perfect setup.

Alright, Kelly. HAMMER TIME:


Yep. Nailed It.


 Then there's Shelly, who ordered this Star Wars cake out of her bakery's design book:


Please note all the dotted stars.

... because that's literally the only thing that matches what she got:


I know, I know: you want to believe they just gave Shelly the toys separately to put on herself, but I'm sorry, minions: we have to Vader Face facts. 


It's not often that I feature a wreck that could actually kill someone (the famous exception being the 'One Bon Bon Is Poison' cake), but Cathy found one to represent!

See, Cathy has a deadly nut allergy, and so of course made sure her bakery was aware of this. When the time came to pick up her birthday cake, the bakery again assured her there were absolutely no nuts in her cake, so hey, that's a relief.


Now, about the OUTSIDE of her cake...

Thanks to Kelly B., Shelly H., & Cathy W. for something truly off the walnuts.


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