Sunday Sweets Celebrates Social Media Day

It's Social Media day, Sweets fans, and this is one quirky holiday I can get behind wholeheartedly.


(By Nana Tamam, Indonesia)

Who here hasn't made a new friend through Facebook? 

And then lost that friend after they started talking politics?
 (I see you over there nodding. I KNOW IT'S NOT JUST ME.)

Yeah, on second thought, this is why I don't like Facebook so much. Let's stop celebrating that one.

Ahhh, but Instagram! INSTAGRAM IS MY JAM, Y'ALL.


(By Manu's Menu)

This where you'll find me hanging out most days, stalking artists, cosplayers, photographers, bakers (mwuahahaaaa), builders, and all manner of creators who make me smile. 

A little bird tells me Twitter is still a thing, too:


(By Cupcake Envy)

Thank goodness, because this cake is SO adorable you had to see it. Ermergersh.

I abandoned my Twitter account three years ago; the pressure of talking to over a million people at a time was too much for me, tbh - but WOW does my follower account still impress the wrong kinds of people, ha. 

Anyway, I opened my Twitter app again a few months ago, just for kicks, and suddenly understood exactly how my Mom feels with new tech. "What's this symbol mean? Where's the 'reply'? WHY ARE THERE SO MANY WORDS ON THIS SCREEN?"

It's hard getting old.

Wait! I have another Twitter cake!


(By How To Cook That)

Or is that more of a mousse? Whatever, this is so cool. I tried to figure out how they made the bird inside, but that was like trying to understand my Twitter account all over again.

While I'm shaking my cane at all the whippersnappers, let me point you in the direction of this awesome birthday party:


(By Jorgelina Sarubi Tortas Artesanales)

I love this cake! Even with Facebook on it, I guess. ;p

Here's another floating app design that defies the laws of gravity:


(By Heather Barranco, New Jersey)

I spy both Angry Birds and Bejeweled icons in there... and is that Fruit Ninja?! Dang. That's a waltz down memory lane in app form.

Youtube sort of counts as social media, right?


(How To Cake It, online tutorials)

Get this: even the INSIDE of this cake is checkerboarded. Incredible! Go watch the video to see.

I love the soft watercolor effect on this Instagram cake:


(By Olyalya, Russia)

Although I do realize the irony of featuring a selfie cake after some stuff happening on my other blog. Er... mooooving on...

I don't know why, but I really love seeing emojis as 3D balls:


(By Dutch Cakes)

This is a good all-in-one approach for apps, too. (The ghost icon is for Snapchat, which I *think* has been mostly replaced by Tik Tok? Quick, someone go ask their 9 year old to check my facts on this.)

One thing I love about social media - with IG and FB especially - is the dawn of casual messaging. E-mails require greetings and complete sentences. WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT? Now we're living in an age where I can communicate almost entirely through cat emojiis and hearts, and I am Here. For. It.


(Smartie Box, South Africa)

Also a big fan of cookie decorations on cakes. Dibs on one of the unicorn heads.

Let's end with one more Sweet homage to my favorite 'Gram:

(By Couture De Suere, Puerto Rico)

Because everything is Sweeter with a bow on top.

I hope these made you smile, gang, and hey, double check that you're following Cake Wrecks on Facebook! Facebook likes to hide Pages you've been following a while, so you may need to kick it a little to get my posts to show up again.

Oh, and FYI: if you follow me on Instagram, YOU WILL SEE NO CAKES AT ALL. :D Sorry. You'll mostly see cosplay, cats, crafts, and Harry Potter stuff. So yeah, if that's your jam... come say hi!


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