Cool Story, Bra

WARNING: Despite my best efforts, today's post is probably NSFW. Sorry/you're welcome.


[running in]


Did you hear?


Granted, roughly half the population celebrates No Bra Day every day, but for the REST of us - the ones forever tugging at shoulder straps and forgetting where we stashed our chapstick - this is huge.

I'm talking, back-side-of-Daleks huge!


(What, you don't see two Dalek backsides here? 
Fine, I'll skip the "EX-TERM-LAC-TATE!")

That's right, my under-wire caged friends, today we can be free! Unencumbered! And dare I say, a lot more jiggly!

Yep, it's time to let loose and feel the breeze on our...


Whoops that's a butt.

(But it fooled you for a second, too, right?)

Where was I. 

Oh, right! Cool breezes!

But maybe not this cool. 


::carefully crossing arms::

Now, obviously there are a lot of boob cakes for me to choose from today, but I'm trying to keep this safe for work. Bad enough I'm about to be blamed for a bunch of lacy new cubicle decorations out there. ("They're, uh, paperclip holders!")

So listen, if anyone asks, these are tiny tablecloths with pink sunhats on them:


Yup. Teeeeny tiny hats.

And this is two babies looking up:


Aw look, they're wearing matching bonnets! So cute.

And THIS, of course, is a flower:


Juuuuust a flower.

And finally, on a COMPLETELY unrelated note, let's hear it for all the scholarly achievers out there celebrating No Bra Day:


::throws confetti::

Thanks to Shannon S., Amber W., Sarah F., Anna H., Nadya S., Sharyn F., & Stephanie W. for keeping us abreast of all the best holidays.


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