Everyone, Quick! TAKE OFF YOUR BRA

[WARNING: I know this will shock you, but one of today's cakes is a little NSFW. I think. Cast your vote in the comments.]


Today is National No Bra day, minions, so let's take a moment to get in the proper celebratory mood.

[eyebrow waggle]

::sounds of things crashing and flying through the air::


Now, the truth is I don't really have any appropriate cakes for No Bra Day. (CURSES.) So instead, I thought I'd take this opportunity to share some random and completely unrelated wreckage.

You know, like these saggy balloons:


And this lady snorkeler:

So buoyant!


And this bunny:


I can also offer this assortment of cheap-but-perky cupcakes:

(Why yes, they WERE stored in the freezer, how did you know?)


And finally, a pair of perfectly proportioned... volcanoes?

I mean, sure, they're no Grand Tetons, but they can fill out a forest, mmmmmkay?


Thanks to Alli N., Jenny S., Kellie M., Angela, Mariellen, & Jennifer M., who actually DID find us an appropriately inappropriate cake for No Bra Day, so... ENJOY:

(She needs to use some of that hair gel on her boobs, am I right?)

(Also, is this even NSFW? Do those even count? And is anyone else as disturbed by frosting Dagger Nipples as I am?)

(P.S. "Dagger Nipples" is my Stripper Assassin name. You're welcome.)


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