Spider-Man Day!

It's Spider-Man Day, minions, and let me tell you, this is one busy superhero.

Whether he's stretching out tangled telephone cords:


... starring in modern art installations:

... or helping out at the local mammogram center:


... this guy gets around!

Then there's his successful rap career:


Just call him "P-Spiddy."

...and the way he keeps us guessing where his web REALLY comes from:



Still, as with anyone we love and admire, the important thing is that we celebrate Spider-Man today in a respectful, time-honored way:

By eating a horror show of his face.

Thanks to Katy P., Ashley P., Amy G., Julie B., Justin S., Deanna M., Solenn I., & Ann L, who also reminds us to NEVER FORGET:

[whispers] Never forget.

(I'm delighted to report that this balloon is still being made, and is available on Amazon. Do with this information what you will.)


And from my other blog, Epbot: