Sunday Sweets Celebrates Disney Villains!

You know how stores are already stocking Halloween decorations, and on the one hand you're annoyed (because "Sweet Stay Puft, it's still SUMMER!") and on the other hand you're kinda thrilled? (Because "Sweet Stay Puft, it's still Summer.")

 I feel you, my sweaty boos, and today I'm here to feed your spooky side...


(Pepsy Cakes Designs, California)

With fabulous Disney villain cakes!
See, not Halloween, but just enough on the dark side to help us remember cold chills are on the way.

Aw yeeeeeeah.


(Sweet Pea Cakes, Texas - permanently closed)

 Major props for this Ursula; it's so rare to see buttercream transfers these days! And who noticed the Hidden Mickey bubbles? 

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall:


 (Toppers Cake Company, Oregon)

Who's the tastiest dish of all?


(Yum Yum Cupcakes, England)

Ohhh, good choice. 

  (When you can't choose just one!)

A gravity-defying Evil Queen:


(Cake Arcade, Australia)

The spilling "poison" is clever!

Ever notice how many Disney villains wear purple?

(Marcy's Cake Designs, Texas)

This design is incredible, I love Snow's cottage in the middle!

Here's a villain we don't see much:


(Love Bites Custom Cakes, permanently closed & FB deleted)

Dr. Facilier!

That glowing green tier is amaaaazing, plus the shading in the skull eyes.

And hey, I spy another hidden Mickey!

Anyone else ever feel sorry for Captain Hook?

(Zavr Zlama, Serbia)

I mean, he's perpetually hounded by annoying children AND a man-eating crocodile. Dude's got it rough. 

I think getting older makes us sympathize with more cartoon villains, though. Or at least the ones with great fashion sense.


(The Cake Mamas, California)

But hey, why choose?


(Yum Yum Cupcakes, England)

Get you a cake that can do both.

(Yes, that's the same cake!)



(Mandy's Sweets, Florida)

Look at all those incredible details! These are themed to Disney Descendants, which I really should watch some day.

And I guess it's true, gang: the Dark Side *DOES* have cookies.

Happy Sunday!


This is the perfect post to introduce y'all to one of my all-time favorite artists, Miss Mindy! She makes the most SPECTACULAR Disney Villain figures:

Each figure has a light-up scene in her skirt, which is ALSO sculpted in 3D. Ahhh-MAZING. Check them out on Amazon here: Snow Queen, Ursula, Maleficent, Queen of Hearts.

And from my other blog, Epbot: