Minions, today we celebrate the humble cupcake.

Yes, YOU, little guy!

See, what was once merely a paltry single-serving of cake has, under the expertise of today's bakers, become so much more.

.... terrible, I mean. 
It's become so much more terrible.

(That frog has seen things.)

Any idea what these are supposed to be?


Huh. Me, neither.

But I bet they'll still get me banned on Facebook.

 (Don't mention the cream, don't mention the cream, don't mention the cream.)

 I feel like these are trying to tell us something:


I don't know what, exactly, but I do enjoy a good birthdish.

The problem is that cupcakes no longer work alone. Now, the CUPCAKE IS LEGION.

... and also buried under two pounds of frosting while it masquerades as a real cake.

 BUT YOU'RE NOT FOOLING US, you, you... cupcake cakes. [patooey!]


Yes, minions, these roving packs of once civilized cupcakes are now sticky savages bent on our very destruction!

After all, what kind of monsters have this much icing on the OUTSIDE of paper wrappers? VILE HARBINGERS OF DOOM, that's what kind.

It's unnatural!

It's wrong!

 It's, like, super lumpy!


Doesn't that just tweak your giblets?

Well I'm mad as well, and I'M NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE.


Hold up, is that a SLIMER cupcake cake? [patooey!]
Ok, bakers, I'll let you slide for another ten years. BUT THAT'S IT.


Thanks to Clairance C., Rachel C., Jennifer F., Heather H., Heather K., Traci B., Dina V., Miriam, & Meagon G. & Jesika F. for reminding us who we're gonna call.

And since I’ll take any excuse to shop for Ghostbusters merch, LOOK HOW CUTE THIS SLIMER PLUSH IS:


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And from my other blog, Epbot: