Sunday Sweets For Kiss And Make Up Day

It's "Kiss and Make Up Day," cake fans, isn't that sweet?

 Naturally, I must find you some appropriately lovely cakes.

So first, a KISS:


(Baker Unknown - help?)

And now ALLLLL the make up!

(Bellaria Cake Design, The Netherlands)



(Pompom Cakes, permanently closed)

Hang on, HOW IS THIS CAKE? It's too perfect! The metallic case, the brushes...?

And here's a sweet little makeup pouch:


(Laura Loukaides, UK)

Again, CAKE. Ahhh-mazing.

I've never seen anyone turn a cake into a cupcake display stand, and it's kind of blowing my mind:


(MLADMAN, Bulgaria)

How cool is this?! All those tiny sculpted details are incredible.

Ever heard someone say they have to go "put their face on?" That's what I think of when I see this cute cake:


(Love Cake Create, tutorial here!)

I love it when bakers make a HUGE version of something tiny, like this double-take-worthy bottle of nail polish:


(Frosted Cake Art, Ohio)

SO FUN. I love the colors.

Here comes another incredible case:


(The Perfectionist Confectionist, Ireland)

Check out that subtle dusting of powder on the brush - and the lipstick blotting papers! So many great details.

A perfectly embiggened lipstick:


(Kokoro Cakes, UK)

This is SO CLEAN, y'all. Look at those lines! Perfection!

And finally, prepare to pucker your pout for a cake that's the perfect embodiment of "Kiss and Make Up" Day:


(Reem Fadel Cakes, Lebanon)

I love this so much: the mod styling, the sprinkled flowers - and it's even in my favorite colors! SWOON.

Happy Sunday, everyone! Now, go kiss someone/something you love, and make something up. ;)

(Want more? I featured 11 different makeup cakes here a few years ago!)

While writing this post I got SERIOUSLY distracted shopping for a new makeup bag for Dragon Con next week. Wanna see the one I bought?

Ta-daaa! Not too big, not too small, and cute polka dots in more of my favorite colors! Click the photo for the Amazon link.


And from my other blog, Epbot: