The Fault In Our Sweets

There's another new cake trend sweeping social media, and it's definitely winning me over:


(Mariana Arrizón, Brazil)

Aw yeeeeeeah. Gimmie.

These are called Fault Line cakes, and they're distant cousins to geode cakes. They have similar jagged cracks in the icing to create the illusion that you're looking into the cake, only instead of sugar crystals, Fault Line cakes are packed with all sorts of things.


(The Cake Barn, Louisiana)

Like candied lemons!

Or gummi bears:


(Elle Sweet Shoppe, Ontario)

Or teeny little hamburger macarons:


(Macarons By Mo, Washington)

That's what makes Fault Lines so fun: you never know WHAT you're going to see in one.

 I mean, just look at this:


(Susie Makes Custom Cakes, Texas)

The tiger mosaic is made up of sprinkles! If you go to Susie's IG account, you can watch her put it together, one sprinkle at a time. Incredible!

Here's a rare double Fault Line with a fun stripey interior:


(Cakes By Dae, Colorado)

And one with Homer's favorite snack:


(All Mai Loving, Argentina)

Mmmm. Donuts.

Lots of great colors in this sprinkle-licious mermaid design:


(Lux Cakes and Cookies, Australia)

Then some delicate flowers and butterflies on this one:


(Shruti's Cake Addiction, online classes)

 I'm pretty predictable, though, so if given the choice I will always go for the pastel rainbow pom-poms:


(Cake Shosh, hobby baker)


Seriously, this cake is SO FUN, and the dark chocolate sets it off perfectly!

And speaking of rainbow pom poms:

Rainbow Pom Pom Garland Kit

I hope these gave you a smile, everyone, and that your Sunday is extra Sweet.

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When Given The Choice, I Do Prefer My Watermelon Boneless

Could we pause for a moment to appreciate the fact that someone was PAID to do this?


Paid. Actual money. Like, it's their JOB... to do that.




Sure, you might think the baker would know better:

But let's face it, anyone who claims that's a hockey stick (with a white puck, natch) has already lost touch with reality. Maybe she figured you were washing your little white hockey balls.



"So you want 'Happy Birthday, Matthew?'"

"Yes, but it's 'Mathew' with one T."

"Got it!"



Technically correct, but I still say the deli sticker guy needs an intervention:




Granted, not all bakeries are familiar with Bastille Day, the French National Day celebrated every July 14th. After all, it's a French thing.

Er, I did mention it was French, right?

Ok, good.

You can look now:

Best. Deal. Evahhhh.


Thanks to Cait H., Bridgett B., Heather J., Lisa B., & Nancy E. for pardoning our French.


Cupcake Rubber Ducks

Listen, this post has rubber ducks in it and that’s all the excuse I need.


And from my other blog, Epbot: