The Spirit Didn't Just Move; It Threw Up

You know that neighbor - the one whose house is currently covered in a full Big Lots' worth of blinking lights, inflatable snowmen, plastic nativity scenes, candy cane fence posts, and Santa-hat-wearing flamingos? Yeah, that one.

Turns out, s/he is also in the cake business.

Oh no you don't - no scrolling down just yet! This, my friends, is a cake worth savoring.

Why don't you call a friend over, click on the photo to enlarge it, and then take a few moments to count how many pieces of plastic there are? Next you can debate whether "Christmas" is two different colors to call attention to "Christ" or because someone ran out of red icing. Then, just for funsies, estimate how many bottles of sprinkles were poured on to make that thick crunchy coating.

Frankly, we could be here all day.

Ok, fully savored? Good.

Now, imagine being a business person, and one looking to expand that business. Would you - hypothetically speaking - think the above cake would be an effective marketing tool?

Why do I ask? Uh...well...

I know the mad sprinkle action makes it hard to tell, but that red paper is actually a business card - and of a wedding planner.

Yes, a wedding planner.

Who wants you to hire him.

To plan your wedding.

Is your friend still there? Good. Next time killer: imagine a wedding thematically congruent with that cake. Maybe draw a few pictures. Then send them to me - cuz THIS I gotta see.

To be honest, A. Nony, I'm a little jealous: this would've been a brilliant way for me to send my own holiday greetings out.

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UPDATE: Well, I can't say I didn't ask for this. Heheh.

Marian Murdoch (who is a rockin' photographer, btw) cracked me up with the little bridge & Santa/officiator, but the best part is that shocked snowman. You can almost hear him saying, "OMG, Mary? Is that you?!?"

Then we have Fanboy Wife's creation:

Oh yes, it's all there - right down to the bonus-points-scoring red rickrack up the side of the bride's dress. That kind of attention to detail is what really sets you Wreckerators apart!

Another Update: Ok, one more, from 15-year-old Kelsie:

Love the children's choir. ;)


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