Sunday Sweets: Potter Mania

Whether you're seeing the movie this weekend or not, I think you'll agree that these Harry Potter cakes are sweet enough to rival anything in HoneyDuke's:

Made by Bakingdom

D'awww. Lookit the little broom! And Fawkes! And the itty-bitty potion bottles!!



Next check out this nifty design:

Submitted by Kristin A. & made by Cake Nouveau

I love the tie. And the snitch. And the turrets. And the...oh, you get the idea.

Here's an adorable cartoon-y version from all the way over in China:

Found at DIY Cakes in Beijing

Love it!

And this one is the spitting image of young Daniel Radcliffe:

Made by Scrumptious Cakes and Bakes

This was the cake at a faaaabulous Potter-themed birthday party:

Submitted by Rory L., found here (click to see the adorable HP party pics!) & made by Shelby Lynn's Cake Shoppe

Check out the sculpted marzipan on this one:

By Dutch Cakebox

So perfect!

And finally, I have a special affection for the Monster Book of Monsters:

By Cake Central member mbpbrighteyes

Although really everything here is amazing. Just look at that wand! And the wings on the snitch! Even the little bag of coins is made of two cupcakes, wrapped in fondant. Wowza.

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