Way To Use Your Head!

Remember those helmet-shaped cookie cakes they rolled out for football season?

See, you can tell it's a helmet by the two tiny helmets stuck inside it.

Well, it turns out that football helmet cakes aren't quite as hot right now, what with football season being over and all. At least, I think it is. By which I mean: I have no idea. I mean, I suppose I could look it up or something, but that would require a modicum of effort, and who has the time when Modern Family's about to start?

So, let's just operate under the assumption that football season IS in fact over, and then we can move on, ok? Ok.

Now, with football season over...[warning glare]...bakeries have had to figure out what to do with all these helmet-shaped pans. 'Cuz Crocker knows, they certainly can't NOT use them.

(Hey, do you ever get the sense that I'm leading up to something?)

(Why? No reason. Just curious.)


Vomiting Cookie Monster.

[dusting off hands] My work here is done.

Or....IS IT?


Yep. Now that's a triple-header, right there.

Thanks to Adam S., Nicki L., & Krystal H., who still think the Avatar face was better. The spoil-sports.