And This Concludes The Festival of Slights

In the mad rush to get custom Hanukkah treats out, sometimes mistakes happen.

You might misspell something:

(Ooh! That's a new one!)


Or get a little carried away with your store's "Hanukkah House" display:


Or maybe - juuust maybe - you might put several dozen upside-down Halloween temporary tattoos on all your store's Hanukkah cupcakes, thinking they were dreidels. Or maybe Stars of David. But definitely something Jewish.

Still better than snowflakes.


My wreckporter-who-wishes-to-remain-anonymous tells me this baker had to hand-cut dozens and dozens of these, and never once noticed that they all say Happy Halloween. Or that they're big spiderwebs. With a dangling spider. That looks like this:



Thanks to Marlo D., Shoshana F., & Anony M. for an especially chappy chanukah.