Sunday Sweets: Be My Valentine

Ahhh, love is in the air, my friends! Can you smell it? It's kind of a mix of roses and chocolate and really gigantic cupcakes:

By Cakes by M3

 Mmmm. Lovely.


Or, if you prefer more traditional red roses:

By Nicky Grant

 Actually, I guess these aren't quite traditional, since they're made of sugar. That makes them superior to real roses, though, because they'll never wilt, they don't have thorns, and, of course, they're the best kind to carry in your teeth while doing the Tango. (NOMZ)

Plus, look at the shine on that chocolate! Wowza!


Speaking of chocolate, doesn't it look great with baby pink?

By Sarah Louise Cakes

And all that piping! Sarah has a seriously steady hand.


This cutie-pie first birthday cake may have the most perfect edible bow EVER:

 By Cakes by Dusty

I can't decide which I want to do more: wear it in my hair or eat it. :D


But if a whole cake is too much for you, then how about a few elegantly iced cookies?

Every time I look at this, I pick a new favorite. First it was the cross-stiched heart with the lace trim. Then the swirly heart on the lower left. But now I just spotted the brush embroidery on that winged heart back there, ooh! And look at the little heart next to it with the intricate scrolly bits!


Now here's a funky cool modern design:

By Choice Cakes

 The structure of this cake fascinates me, and the lilies are totally playing tricks on my eyes: are the ones on the cakes painted or 3D? The center stamen *look* 3D, but I can't tell!


This is just about the sweetest, cheeriest bouquet you could ever ask for:

By Crowning Cakes

I would hang a picture of this cake on my wall in a fun scrolly picture frame just so I can stare at it and smile all day. It's that cheerful.


And, what's this? ANOTHER perfect bow?


 By macesicnada

WOW. And I'm digging all the scrolly details inside the hearts - and those little heart buttons! Ack! SO CUTE.


And look at this red, white, and black beauty:

By Torte di nadia

So many great techniques here: the lace trim, the tufted quilting, the dripping streamers...!! I don't just love this cake; I am IN LOVE with this cake.


And I'm over the moon for this fabulous design featuring Cupid's bow and arrow:

By Precious Taarten

I suddenly want to see Katniss Everdeen dressed up as Cupid. Hee! Except, wait...Cupid doesn't wear anything, does he? Whoah, that got awkward fast. NEVER MIND.


And finally, I think it's only fitting to end with a LOVE-themed wedding cake, don't you?

By nice icing

SO SWEET. From the old-style typography to the blue birds to the double heart topper to those colors, I am completely smitten!

Hope you guys are, too - if only with this cakes! - and that you have a wonderful Valentine's and Mardi Gras this week!

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