What a Mom Wants

Sunday is Mother's Day.

MY day.

The one day a year when that 27 hours of labor is officially recognized, and my son gets to make up for the fact that his first word was "car."

And his second was "cat."

"Mom" was third.

But I'm OK.


I don't want much, really. Maybe just some chocolate. Like a rich, dark chocolate cake. Mmmm. And maybe with a sweet sentiment written on it.


Nice gash.

But how 'bout something that doesn't remind me of my C-section?


I know, roses! Beautiful, fragrant, long stem...

...dead roses.


Did I mention it was TWENTY SEVEN hours of labor?


Ok, how about some jewelry? I saw some cute little necklaces over at Targe...

...er...on second thought, I've changed my mind.

I want a vacation.


Maternal thanks to Rosie, Kathryn H., and Anony M. for helping me stay on my diet this Mother's Day.