Wrecky minion Lauren sent in today's cookie cake with a single, desperate plea:

"Tell me what this means!!"

And while I agree that it appears to be some kind of secret hieroglyphic code - no doubt used to communicate government secrets to fondant sympathizers - I honestly have no clue what it says.

So help me out, peeps:

My best guess?

Carrots seize (seas) the G3 checkpoint.

(Aha! Maybe someone is calling the Carrot Jockeys to action?)


And while you're at it, can somebody PLEASE tell me what this is?

Because all I see is a bleeding rain cloud. Or maybe a bleeding frozen brain. Oh! Oh! Could it be Frozen/ Walking Dead cross-over? DARE TO DREAM, PEOPLE.


Thanks to Lauren & Anonymous for finding either awesomely clever cake puzzles, or the world's most fiendish decorator trolls. (That bleeding thing is almost $34. THIRTY FOUR DOLLARS!)


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