Sunday Sweets: Pixar Pretties!

Love Pixar movies?
Love cake?
Then do *I* have the Sweets for YOU.


The Incredibles:

(By Little Cherry Cake Company)

Talk about living up to its name! That glass globe used for Violet's force shield is brilliant.


Toy Story:

(By Cake Central member Ann-Jannae)

There are so many great Toy Story cakes out there, but I especially love this design and extra details like the etch-a-sketch.


A Bug's Life:

(By A Wish and a Whisk)

Heimlich! And look closely; see Flik hiding down below?


I even found a cake for the Pixar short For The Birds!

(By Cakes of Desire)

I love the one sticking his tongue out. :)


Finding Nemo:

(Baker unknown, anyone recognize it?)

Proof it doesn't always take a lot of tiers to make a masterpiece. ;) I'm really digging how the baker elevated Nemo & Marlin to add more height.



(By House of Cakes Dubai)

You see so many cakes of Lightning McQueen & Mater, it's nice to see one of The Sheriff!



(By Debbie Does Cakes)

Remy! Who knew a cake of a giant rat could be this endearing?



(By Lorinda Seto)

The amount of detail in those tires is blowing my mind. I still have to remind myself these are all cake from time to time.



(By Torten Design KS)

One of the sweetest hand-sculpted Meridas I've seen, and that dress design on the cake? Awesome sauce.


Monsters, Inc.:

(By Sweet Disposition Cakes)

Aw, Boo! And I just want to pet Sulley's shaggy head.



(By la Pequeña Pasteleria De Mama)


Carl & Ellie have got to be the sweetest animated couple ever, so I love seeing them together like this. Just lookit that smile on Carl! And great use of balloons in the back there, too. :)


Hope you guys enjoyed! Happy Sunday!

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