Weekly Wreck Up 2/7/14

Some of my favorites that came in this week:

Oooh, Let's is!


How I know Valentine's Day is coming:

Stop picturing the swirly things as legs. Stop picturing the swirly things as legs. Stop picturing...


And after that, Mardi Gras!

Which is clearly flipping us all off for not knowing a fleur-de-lis when we see one.

(Btw, why is this on shelves already? Mardi Gras is in March, bakers! MARCH!)


[Update: Everyone else: "It's actually traditional to sell King Cakes from January through Mardi Gras."

Me: "That's a KING CAKE?!"]


And while you're chewing on that mystery, here's another:


(If you can stare at anything besides that blue ball Mr. Baldy McParachute-Pants is squatting on, then you're a better woman than I.)


Still, the crown jewel of this week's collection - the veritable pièce de résistance, if you will - has to be this thing:

the actual.


Thanks to Karyn S., Debi S., Robbie B., Lacey F., & Sarah W. for the magical ant-infested breakfast floating over an instagrammed landscape, because, seriously, I couldn't even make this stuff up.


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