Sunday Sweets: The Love Connection

With Valentines Day coming up, I thought I'd inspire you guys with some Sweet declarations of love:

(By Cakes by Elisa)

They won't all be puns, I promise. :)


This crisp modern design says it all:

(By Eat Cake Be Merry)



Or maybe you're feeling more old-school?

(By Manveer Cake Couture)

Be still my heart. Look at that piping!! The cake board alone is a work of art!


Oh, and in case you need a reminder:

(By Cake My Day)

All you need is love.
And a fork. NOMZ.


This is too cute, guys. Seriously.

(By Planet Cake)

"Tweethearts?" STAHP IT.

(I need this cake to be for a couple who met on Twitter. NEED it. So let's just all believe that's what happened, ok?)


OooOOooh, retro tattoo art!

(By Nicole of Tattoo-Cakes)

Those colors! And the aging! Even the cake board looks like a painting. [dreamy sigh]


Now for some vintage-style creamy goodness:

(By Miss Lola's Bakehouse)


And a classic black, white, and red:

(By Sweet Disposition Cakes)


Who'd have thought pink, green, and brown would work?

(By Erica O'Brien Cake Design)

Funky modern cute - I like it!


This lock-and-key design is simply breathtaking:

(By With Love and Confection)

Such a great use of textures, too; see the damask stencil in the blue?


And finally, a bright-and-cheerful design sure to make you smile:

(By Gorgeous Cakes)

Old-style typography with fun modern colors? YES, PLEASE.


Hope you loved the love cakes, guys! Curious which bakers in your area have been featured here on Sweets? Then check out our Sunday Sweets Directory!


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