Sunday Sweets: Just For You, Mom!

My mom is awesome, so I'd really like to do something extravagant for her for Mother's Day.

Like a new car!

(Submitted by Kate O,, made by deviantART member Sliceofcake)

Ahh, imagine the purr on that engine.


Or, wait, no. A camper! And a pontoon boat!

(By The Royal Bakery)

Perfect for weekends!


Or maybe I should get her something nice for everyday. Like a pretty piece of jewelry.

(By Sweet Discoveries)


Or a whole box of jewelry!

(By Celebrate with Cake)


And maybe a new purse?

(Submitted by Diana I., & made by Jacques Fine European Pastries)


Oooh, ooh, wait. Luggage! She LOVES vintage luggage!

(By Inticing Creations)

But luggage is no fun if you can't use it, so...


I know! A cruise!

(By Cake Over Heels)


A nice cruise with a stop in -- let's see -- Paris!

(By Sifted Bakery)

With a credit line at the Maison du Chocolat. Haha!


Then on the way home she can stop in Africa for a photo safari:

(By Cindy Duflot of Les Créations Rose-Vanille)


Knowing Mom, I'll bet she tries to bring home a cute elephant.

(By Merritt's Bakery, which ONLY makes buttercream cakes. Can you believe that's fondant-free?)

Well, we could widen the doors to accommodate his ears, I guess, and... and...

Hang on, what am I doing?

I'm sure Mom would rather know I listened to her advice, saved my money, and just spent some time today telling her how much I love her.

(By Sweet Ruby Cakes)


But I'm still getting her flowers.

(By Gezabella Cakes, who wrote that note just for us!)

Hey, Mom didn't raise any dummies.


Happy Mother's Day, everyone! Here's hoping it's your Sweetest yet. :) Oh, and be sure to check out our Sunday Sweets Directory if you want to see which bakers in your area have been featured here on Sweets!


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