Sunday Sweets: Alphabetical Order

A is for Alice...

(By Catherine's Cakery)

...and her Land of Wonder.


B is the "Bears"...

(By Jenny Trantor) might visit Down Under.


C is for Cupcakes...

(Submitted by Christy M., and made by The Bunny Baker)

...I'd love on my plate.


D is Dalmatians.

(By Carmen's Art Cakes)

I count at least eight.


E is for Elephants...

(By A Pocket Full of Sweetness)

...done up in blues.


F is for Frankenstein.

(Submitted by Helen F., and made by Cakejoy.)

He just couldn't choose!


G is for garden...

(By My_Edible_Art)

...where butterflies play.


H is for Hedwig.

(Submitted by Kirsten, made by Rosebud Cakes)

Please don't fly away!


I is for Ice Cream.

(By Joyliciouscakes)

My favorite of dishes.


J is for Jellyfish...

(By Cakesaurus)

...that flutters and swishes.


K is for kitten.

(By CakeCentral member Sanlin)

Look out; I may swoon.


L is for Lunar...

(By Swank Cake Design)

Oh wait, that's no moon.


M is for Minions...

(By Deb Williams Cake)

...companions of Gru.


That's half of the Sweets Alphabet just for you!


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