Because SIX SEVEN ATE! Haha! (Wait. Am I doing this right?)

Today is a red letter day, fellow wreckies!


Well, really more of a red number day.

Maybe I should start over.


See, today I've been writing Cake Wrecks for SIX WHOLE YEARS.

Six years!


That's 2,190 days, about 2,118 posts, and at least 638 poop puns.

Not to mention all the cupcake cake (patooie!) spit-takes that I've frankly stopped keeping track of.


So today's post is brought to you by the magical number six!

[chanting] Six! Six! Six!

(Hey baker, you misspelled "Damian.")


On second thought, forget the number. Let's just focus on ME.
Happy anniersy to me!!


And here's to thousands and thousands more poopy chocolate swirls, crazy misunderstandings, wrecked weddings, overly-literal executions, blatant demonstrations of inferior quality control...

[loud sobbing]



But most of all here's to YOU, my dear wreckies, and the increasingly disturbing fan wrecks you keep sending in:

[Good luck censoring THIS, John! Ha!]

Don't ever change, you sick sickos, you. MWAH.


Thanks to Emily D., Jamie L., Mike & Johanna, Brooke M., Debbie N., Tanisha M., & Brianna E., who spotted that last one at a friend's baby shower, but no one explained to her that it was a CW tribute, so she was really, REALLY confused, which makes it all SO MUCH BETTER. (Carrot Jockey nipple censors FTW!)

Note from john (thoJ): I'm like a Photoshop master. Click here for the uncensored version.


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