9 Bakers Who Have Never Seen A Guitar In Their Entire Lives

For those about to wreck: we "salute" you.


Mmmm. Beany.


"Back in MY day, sonny-boy, guitars were made of cigar boxes and cat intestines, and gosh darn it, WE LIKED IT."


I'm seeing a chainsaw shaped like a corn on the cob.
Just me, or should we all quit drinking now?


"Darling, this guitar is like my love for you: NO STRINGS ATTACHED."

But seriously why are there no strings."


Maybe if we add a little miniature plastic guitar ON the cake as a guide...



In fact, when presented with guitar cupcake toppers, one baker panicked:

"AAAUGGH! Which way is up? WHICH WAY IS UP?!"


Taxidermied Big Bird as an Upright Bass:

Actually, I kind of like this one.


I bet you never wanted to equate a guitar with a flabby guy's pectoral muscles, did you.



And finally, I believe this kid from One Direction has cause to fret:


Because seriously that looks like a dong.


Thanks to Stephanie, Keli C., Shelley S., Cherisse B., Andrew W., Kathryn C., Rocke, Katie F., & Jared G. for knowing better than to pick on a guitar with blue balls.


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