My Spidey Senses Are Tingling

It's Spider-Man Day!


Er, with your hands, Spidey. Your hands.


For the past 300 years* Spider-Man has faced off against the deadliest of da foes: Doc Oc, Venom, Willem...

[*Thanks, Wikipedia!]


...but today Spider-Man faces his most formidable enemies yet:



Don't give up, Spider-Man! We've got your back!

No sprinkles can hold you!


You CAN make it across that cake!

Or... not.


Try using your special web-slinging skills!

This is a little awkward.

[insert "Peter Parker" joke here]


Well, happy birth/anniversary/first day of publication anyway, Spider-Man. Here's to many, MANY more years of...



Thanks to Stephanie M., Tobi W., Donald L., Suzanne S., Dave W., & Emily F. for the web of tries.


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