Everyone's going nuts this week about the baby shower cake with bear vaginas on it.

Not bare vaginas, mind you; BEAR vaginas:




The bakery claims those are NOT vaginas, of course; they're "seams."

Crotch seams.

On teddies.

For a christening.

[ ... ]

[side eye]

Hey, don't look at me. My lips are sealed.

But I have no doubt the truth will soon be laid bear bare.

In addition to making an otherwise great cake, the bakery also gave the irate mom some flowers to cover the bear-y baby cannons*, so when push comes to shove, I say we cut them some slack. Sure, it might rub you the wrong way, but remember: sometimes this kind of reproduction can really hit the spot.

[*"Baby cannons" is my new favorite euphemism. THANKS, INTERNET.]


A standing ovulation for all of you who sent in this article. Thanks for all the hooing and hawing!


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