Sunday Sweets Gets On The Map

Whether you're a bona fide globe trotter or just dream of visiting parts unknown, nothing says romance and adventure quite like travel.

(By Cakes 2 Cupcakes)


So it's no wonder you see everything from wedding to baby shower cakes featuring luggage, passports, globes - even adorable map pinwheels:

(By Plum Tree Cakes)



Here's an elegant nautical take:

(By Gateaux Inc)


And now a little of everything!

(Also by Gateaux)


The handpainted map really makes this compass cake:

(By The Sugar Studio)


With so many vintage styles out there, it's fun to see this quirky modern design:

(By Beau Petit Cupcakes)

And don't you just love those colors?


Here's the cutest little aviator:

(By Little Lady Baker)

The plane! The clouds! That perfect globe! So good.


This subtle wedding style has just the right touch of glam:

(By Alma Pasteles)


And my personal favorite:

(By The People's Cake)

Those birds of paradise flowers are perfect. PERFECT, I say.


And finally, a wedding masterpiece of vintage sweetness, pastel romance, and hot air balloony, globe-y goodness:

(By Roses and Bows Bakery)


Happy Sunday, everyone!


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