These Wrecks Are Not What They Theme

They wanted the cake "very Christmassy."

They got it:


And at least Asa did get the Giants' colors:

Just with bonus text and parenthesis.


Katie wasn't so lucky with her American Girl themed cake, though:

To be fair, I'm not sure how you'd do an American Girl theme. Maybe line the edges with fifty dollar bills? And then set them on fire? That WOULD save on candles...

(Only joshing, AG. I'm sure your $500 bakery play set is a bargain at twice the price.)


Of course, even when the baker understands exactly what you want, that's still no guarantee. After all, poor Liz here wanted a cowboy theme:


Get along, lil' doggie.


Thanks to Kathy A., Gene A., Katie S., & Liz B. for rustlin' up them wrecky victuals.


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