The Weirdest Apology Cake I've Seen Yet

At long last, I think I've finally found it, you guys:

The World's Most Interesting Conversation Starter

Yep, I suggest you single types out there bring this to your next Bingo mixer, luau party, rave, etc*

[*I haven't dated in a while, but I trust these are still the hippest happenings.]

Or, if you're NOT single, just think how handy this will be at the next family reunion!


A few sample openers:

How do you accidentally pee in a dryer? (Feel free to sketch your answers on this napkin.)

How do you not KNOW whether or not you accidentally peed in a dryer?
Follow Up: And have *you* ever been that drunk?
What kind of relationship do you think would be appeased [snerk] by a cake apology for the aforementioned potential accidental dryer peeing?
Follow Up: Could you see yourself in that kind of relationship?


And most importantly:
Are you going to eat that?


Thanks to Katie for putting a new spin on the #1 apology cake.


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