This Is NOT Your Grandma's Gravy

You know how people say the best part about Thanksgiving is the leftovers?

I'm guessing those people haven't seen these cakes.


Short straw gets the "gravy" slice!



Ooh, now here's a vision:

[squinting] I see a dill pickle voodoo doll, lying in a baseball mitt, wearing an ice cream hat.

So definitely time to check the expiration date on that "gravy."


Tell me this isn't the back of some old guy's head:

It totally is, right? And he's wearing a colorful scarf?

(P.S. "Goble goble, b**ches.")


Now, I know some of you are sad to say goodbye to the Thanksgiving leftovers, so let me assure you:

The Turkey Poo-Wangs WILL return.


Thanks to Anony M., Kaitlin K., Stephanie H., Karen B., & Ursula S. for keeping her head in the game.


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