This Is Probably Why Drive-Through Bakeries Don't Exist

Today is "Drive-Through Day," minions. Think we've got a cake for that?

Offffff course we do.


To be fair, if I saw a cat with four legs coming out of its head, I might be tempted to run over it, too.

But I wouldn't make a CAKE of it afterward.

Then I got to wondering about a drive-through bakery, because, c'mon, that is a recipe for hilarity.

Just imagine a big group of people in a passenger van, all opening up their cake bags:

"Hold on, HOLD ON... this isn't what I ordered."


"Ug, look at this mess! Why can't they wrap these things without getting stuff everywhere?!"


"Aw yeah, FREE TOY!"

"Where's my extra pickle? I SPECIFICALLY said three pickles!"


"Nope, nope, drive back around; mine's gone bad!"


"Bad... and angry."


Thanks to Brynne R., Sarah M., Kathleen C., Leslee B., Leize D., & Michelle T. for the crack-ups.


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